inspiring travelers to go where they've never been


about w2n travel

Where 2 Next (W2N) offers travel consultation and concierge services to our clients. We have teamed up with Uniglobe Travel Center, an internationally trusted and respected name in the travel industry, so no matter what type of trip you're looking for, we can help you plan it. We believe in a collaborative approach; working together we will be able to find the perfect vacation for you.  We have experience booking a variety of trips so let us help you plan your Where 2 Next!  We are here to inspire you to go where you've never been.


about joy

Hi, I'm Joy and Iā€™m always down for a new adventure! Based in Orange County, California, Where 2 Next Travel was born out of restlessness and a desire to do something I love. Travel is my passion and I am often asking others "Where to next?"  I thought it would be a fitting name for my travel business!  I have a remarkable knack for logistics and planning, and with over two decades of sales and customer service  experience, my expertise leads to worry-free trips and very happy clients.  When I'm not planning a vacation or traveling, you can find me hanging out with my amazing family and friends, snuggling with my cute but mischievous pug, going to awesome concerts and discovering all the things that So Cal has to offer.  

Favorite Destination: New Orleans (US) and Paris (International)

Favorite Drink: Depending on the time of day - water, coffee or wine

Favorite Band or Music Genre: Foo Fighters or early 90ā€™s Hip Hop

Bucket List Destination: Philippines