A: We take the time to get to know you, your travel style, needs, interests and budget in order to help you make better travel decisions so you can have a better vacation experience. We take the stress out of planning and we provide the personal touch that you can’t get through online booking portals. With our expertise and industry connections, we can provide complimentary exclusive amenities. Our assistance doesn't end when you take off either! If anything goes sideways during your travels, just contact us and we’ll work to get it resolved right away.

Q: What types of travel experiences have you booked in the past?

A: Our destination specialties include Hawaii, Los Cabos and New Orleans. We also book many cruises to Alaska, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as all-inclusive experiences. We have also curated itineraries to almost every major city in the United States and parts of Europe. Our client base includes solo travelers, couples, families including multi-generational and skip-gen families, friend groups and adventurers.

Q: Does it cost more to book through a travel agent than to book online?

A: You can certainly get great deals on your own online, but we offer the best value for your time and money and excellent personal service to our clients.

Q: Do you charge any fees?

A: We have recently implemented a non-refundable Planning Fee that covers the professional services required to arrange your travel request. Should you decide to book with us, the fee would be applied towards the final payment. The Planning Fee starts at $100 per trip and is determined by the complexity (number of people, length of travel, customization, etc.). The initial consultation is always free.

Q: i'm interested in planning a trip but I don't know where to start!?! 

A: At Where 2 Next Travel, we want to make sure that your trip is everything you expect and much more! We're here for inspiration and guidance in planning your next adventure.  Please use the Contact Us link to get in touch and we'll respond to you within a few hours.  We offer a free initial consultation so please call, email or text - whichever form of communication you are most comfortable with. If you're in the Orange County/LA area (within a 15 mile radius of Disneyland), we're happy to schedule an in-person meeting after 6pm Mon - Fri or on weekends.